a structure usually consisting of parallel colonnades supporting an open roof of girders and cross rafters



Pergola on composite decking


Special offer currently on pergolas! From only £795 supplied and fitted for an average 3m x 3m. Sizes can be made up to 4.8m x 4.8m. Prices dependant on size, prep, fitment type and access.


A pergola can add a touch of class, uniqueness and useable, private space.


There are many reasons you may want a pergola erected in your garden and they are so versatile that they can fulfil all of them uses.


Traditional pergolas consist of wooden posts and beams, primarily for the purpose of growing vines and roses up them. These look fantastic, however now a day’s many people have other uses for them.


You will see many different versions of a pergola and here at S G Gardening, we hand make them so can offer a wide range to suit.


We don’t buy kits, we make them all from scratch from a stack of timber. So you can rest assured that whatever your requirement, we can make it. All sourced locally in Chesterfield.


What about a roofed pergolas?


Enclosed pergola with roof


Usually pergolas do not have a solid roof. However we have constructed many with a different variety of roofs, from clear plastic, bamboo, slate to metal sheet faux tiled. We can source the roof thas perfect for your individual needs, if you require one.


Or stay traditional and go rootless with simple elegant beam work, to allow for maximum sunlight.


Do pergolas have walls?


Again, this is all personal preference and if privacy is required.


Opt for a completely open space or close in with trellis, Palin’s or solid solid, the choice is yours. We have even installed fully enclosed pergolas with electrical power points for an alternative man cave, kids retreat or mum’s getaway!


pergola built on existing decking


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We can customise the pergolas to suit with any additional you’d like and at any size you want.


Please request a quote today or call Jason on 07896648224 or Rich on 07707555501 to arrange a fixed priced quote.


Handmade blackboard built into one of our pergolas