There is no better wow effect to a garden space than a beautiful natural stone paving patio and paths. Sure, there are great concrete moulded alternatives now a day’s. None of the. look anything like the effect you will get from natural stone.


The best part about natural stone? Well it’s usually actually cheaper to source than it’s concrete alternative. Infact Indian sandstone is actually just as affordable as traditional ‘council slabs.


We can source all types of stone at unbeatable prices from local sources in the Chesterfield, Sheffield, Bolsover and Derbyshire area. All of our products are bought local.


What types natural stone can I use? 


There are many types of beautiful natural stone slabs available, from the budget friendly calibrated Indian sandstone to swanky polished marble.


The stone you choose entirely depends on 2 things. Your budget and your desired finished look. All stone has it’s place depending on the desired end visual effect.


Our most popular natural stone that we are asked to source and lay, is the Harvest/Autumn Indian sandstone. It is our most budget friendly stone, but is also a fantastic looking stone, with many vivid shades of browns, reds and orange colours. This type of stone takes up approximately 95% of the patios we do, however the grey Indian sandstone is also popular with it’s Grey’s and blues.

The popularity of the Indian sandstone largely comes from it’s huge affordability, being cheaper than many concrete products, and easily the cheapest natural stone paving you will find. All of our stone comes fully calibrated so you know you are getting great quality that will stand the test of time and take the weight it is intended to with no weak spots.


Along with calibrated Indian sandstone, we can also get smooth ‘tumbled’ Indian sandstone in all colours, limestone, slate marble and granite.

Sandstone being the cheapest but one of the more porous and soft stones, but is still very wrong.

We also can get smooth rainbow sandstone, however we only recommend it for in door use as it is extremely soft and doesn’t weather well.

The other stones are all much more dense.




How is it laid?


Whilst many people lay concrete slabs on a sand bed with mortor spots, if your lucky. All of our natural stone paving is laid on a solid bed. Effectively you have a concrete base with the stone set into the top of it. The way it is laid, means it will stand forever (for the hundreds of years that the stone will take to deteriorate).

We then use a resin jointing compound for inbetween the slabs, as opposed to the traditional mortor joints. The main benefit to this is for future jointing. Everyone knows eventually joints will break up due to weather and frost. When mortor starts breaking it, it is very difficult to remove to redo, as most will still be stubborn and will required a Ser drill to remove. The resin however will last several years and then it’s just a case of flicking it all out with a screwdriver and then brushing the new resin compound in.


Please note though that the jointing should ALWAYS be compacted. Many tradesmen will simply brush in and leave, however this is not sufficient and will break within months. All of our joints are compacted, this may take longer but will also last longer!


Who can lay my natural stone patio in Chesterfield?


Here at S G Gardening, we pride ourselves on being specialists and experts in laying natural stone paving, particularly Indian sandstone. You are in safe hands with us.


We will not cut corners and will start the job, and finish it in the shortest timeframe possible, without jumping on and job. We do not like to put the customer at inconvience so we deal with everything from start to finish.


Please get in touch to arrange a free visit and a fixed quote.


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