This year we are taking part yet again in the Scarcliffe Soapbox Derby on the 29th of June 2019. We took part back in 2016 and raised over £400 for Ashgate Hospice. This year our chosen charity is CLIC Sargent, the charity for young lives vs cancer. We hope, with your help, we will smash our previous fundraising efforts, and bring much needed funds to help fight against cancer for young people. If you’d like to help our cause then please donate via this link, or help us share the message! It’s all greatly appreciate and all the money goes directly to charity!

Our 2016 entry to the Scarcliffe soap road derby as Bill and Ben the flowerpot men.

Our 2016 effort was completely made from scratch with a pile of timber, scrap and bicycle wheels.

This year however we have decided to again, start from scratch but with metal.

Our Scarcliffe Soapbox 2019 project

The chassis was originally bought like this, however it was huge as can be seen, so the hack and carving began! Atleast we had plenty of steel to play with.

As this is not a car, the car wheels and hubs had to go! We needed something thinner and more free rolling. The size of the overall kart needed to be dramatically reduced too, both length and width.

The cart by now has been in a massive diet!

We’re now down to size, however we need to work on the shape a little!

Finally starting to take shape! Still a long way off but we now have a rolling chassis with steering and brakes! We’ll be on to the body before we know it!

Chassis now the colour we need and things are starting to come together.

The floor is now in! So it’s deffinately not going to be a Flintstones themed soap box!
We are now up to a whopping £212.50 with gift aid and we still have 2 month to go! (18/4/19). Please let’s all dig deep and smash the target and help the fight against cancer for these round lives. CLIC Sargent get no government funding so every penny helps!

A little over a month since our last update and we’re storming towards the £500 target for CLIC Sargent thanks to many generous donations and also a donation by a local business, Baby Book Swop!
By the day of the Scarcliffe Soap Box derby, we fully expect to have raised the amount we set out to, plus some! With your help we can make this happen!

Massive give away, but can we tell what it is yet?!
Getting really close to the final shape now.

Here is the big reveal! RC Buggy from toy story! We’re hoping this is fast as well as a looked. We’ll let you guys decide on the day!

Now on to the props and costumes!

Ready to roll!

One of our runs from the day! RC buggy did us proud! Survived both runs and we won best dressed award! Finished the course in 11th place. Not too bad against 40 something entrants.
An incredible £712.50 made for CLIC Sargent. We can’t thank you all enough! Such generosity this year from you all!

Please keep checking back for regular updates! As and when we have progress we will report back with more pictures.

If you believe in the cause of why we are doing this, or if you believe our hard work is worth a donation, please visit our virgin money giving page. All donations go directly to CLIC Sargent. We really appreciate any donation or any share/link you could provide to spread the word and hopefully smash our target!

If you would rather donate in person, please contact us and we will collect and donate on your behalf.

Thank you for your help!

Credit to Adrian Adams, who without, this build wouldn’t happen.