We offer pebble garden services in and around Chesterfield to fit all requirements and budgets.

When it comes to low maintainence gardens, the pebble garden in a very popular choice in the Chesterfield area. It gives a very pleasing look whilst being very affordable. Not only are the materials cheaper per square metre than such as decking and slabs, but it is also much less labour intensive.

Why a pebble garden?

As already mentioned, a pebble garden will transform your garden on a budget.

Unlike a patio or a decking, a pebble garden is very quick to put down, once the excavation is done anyhow. The digging out is largely the same as any other project. After that it is a simple case of laying a genuine terram membrane to prevent weeds, whilst still allowing water to pass. Followed by filling it up with your chosen gravel or stone.

Think of  a pebble garden as a blank canvas. It doesn’t have to remain blank. Once your pebble garden is in place, you can add any amount of stepping stones, pots or features to really make it your own. Whenever you please. The beauty of it is that you can also change it whenever!

Choose the right stone

There are many types of stone and gravel you can use in your new low maintenance garden in Chesterfield.

The most popular is our mid range Autumn gold but there are many more including

  • Limestone
  • Standard pebbles
  • Red granite chippings
  • Autumn gold
  • Plum slate

Ranked from cheapest to the most expensive.

We only ever use genuine terram when creating pebbled areas. This ensures effective weed control but also allows water to escape, unlike visqueen like some will use. Visqueen is not an appropriate substitute. Don’t settle for less!

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