Very busy Summer

Due to the pandemic we have all found ourselves in this year and subsequent lockdown that followed, we have been extremely busy. A normal Summer is busy at the best of times for us with the regular garden maintenance contracts we have and the one off hedge cuts and tidy ups. However we usually have […]

Full garden make over

This full garden make over is the finished product to follow on from our last post.   Raj Green sawn slab patio and path. Sleeper beds and sleeper retainer. Two tier freshly turned areas. this garden has the practicality and style to match.  

Smooth Sawn Raj Green Sandstone

With the lack of updating recently, we have come back with a bang. This gorgeous, smooth sawn raj green patio is just perfect! The slabs are made from Indian sandstone but are of the premium variety. Traditionally indian sandstone has been riven, but this smooth sawn raj green just adds a very sleek, smooth look […]

We cut any grass!

Well we’ve been that busy as of late, that we havent been able to do much updating! What with the fantastic grass cutting weather and building our charity soap box racer for the Scarcliffe soapbox derby.   However now we’ve got a spare moment on this glorious Saturday afternoon, we thought we’d show you the […]

Black sandstone patio

A real transformation in this black sandstone patio project! The most popular colour for sandstone are autumn brown, raj green and grey. However every once in a while, someone does stray from the norm and choose a colour that isn’t as regularly used. The colour in question this time is black sandstone. What a brilliant […]

Large conifer tree felling

We recently were called out to tackle a huge conifer that had split in half. Half was still standing proud, the other half however, was ready to fall on to cars in a carpark! Equipped with our Stihl chainsaws and other equipment we comfortably made light work of felling the huge conifer. After alot of […]

The grass season starts

Spring seems to be taking hold now and the grass season is well and truly with us. Whilst recently we have seen a good amount of rain and even a little snow. The vast majority of days have been glorious. All the perfect recipe for grass to grow. Here at S G Gardening, we’re prepared […]

Retained, raised composite decking

This was an enjoyable project to get our teeth sunk into. A woodgrain composite decking area, with a handcrafted pergola and ballustrade. All retained with 3 foot reinforced concrete sections and backfilled, along with a concealed concrete base, ready for the Hot tub. We offer both composite and timber decking choices. For prices to sort […]

Light tree pruning

After noticing that all our current blog posts are landscaping posts, I thought may be we should mix it up a little! Here is a small job for us. Three medium sized trees that are in need of a good haircut! They had been left approx 4 years since the last prune. By the afternoon […]