When it comes to wanting a new lawn, there are 2 options, turfing with lawn turf or grass seed.


But which is better, turf or seed? Well it all depends on circumstances, timescale and budget.




The main advantage that lawn turf provides compared to grass seeding your new lawn area, is time. By time we mean how long it takes before you have a lush lawn that is usable. However it is a longer job to lay it initially.


The turf we opt for in most residential situations is a stadium turf. This is the type of turf you are most likely to see for sale in your local garden centre. It is durable, hard wearing, budget friendly but also attractive and green. It is by far the best value for money,the most usable and easily maintained.


For every Turfing job we do, to achieve the best lawn, we always extract the surface (old lawn, poor soil, weeds, rubble etc). We then rotavate to air the existing soil, and then top hit all off with fresh top soil and a touch of sand if needed.


Once the area is prepped, we expertly lay the turf in a staggered and headed manner to ensure for a well knitted lawn. Once the lawn is laid, we always pass the roller over the area and ensure it’s adequately watered. Advise will always be given on lawn care before we leave, as the first 6 week is crucial.


Turfing can be done at any time of the year, contrary to some beliefs. The autumn months are actually possibly the best due to less chance of drying out or burning in the sun.


Watering should always be done when the sun is low to prevent burning. Always make sure your new lawn turf is well watered.




The other option to create your new lawn is grass seed. Whilst grass seed isn’t an instant look like the lawn turf is, it’s actually a much cheaper option and will eventually look just as good.


If you are on a budget, grass seed makes sense compared to Turfing.


The reason grass seed comes in so much cheaper is for several reasons. The first being that the seed is generally cheaper than turf to buy. You have to remember that turf has been expertly created by seed originally so is naturally going to be more expensive. The second and actually the more important factor is labour. Whilst a lawn has to be delicately laid thay may take several hours to several days depending on size, seed can be scattered much, much faster. A turf job that will run into 2 days would possibly only be 1 day for seed.


So why choose turf over seed? Well it always recommend turf if budget will stretch to it. You have to remember the turf has been expertly grown, with seed, knowledge and special fertilisers, so you know it will make a great lawn instantly. Seed however, all generally take quite a while and possibly top ups before you see good results. This will in the long run create yourself more hassle and time.


Turf or seed?


Both seed and turf have their place, and there is good argument for both.


Which ever you decide to choose, S G Gardening can help you achieve the perfect lawn from either We have many years experience in creating the backbones of the British garden.


If you would like a free, fixed quote for both turfing and/or seeding, from start to dream lawn, please get in touch. We cover all of Chesterfield and surrounding areas including Bolsover, Clowne, Claycross, Dronfield, plus many more.



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