Custom made gates to fit

Here at S G Gardening, we supply and fit custom made gates in and around all chesterfield areas. Including Bolsover, Claycross, Dronfield, Clowns and all surrounding areas.

We’ve been busy fitting many custom made gates in recent months. The most popular choice is a quality made tongue and groove, shiplap gate.

They come in all shapes and sizes and can be made to fit any gap required. All our gates are made by our suppliers to order, so you know you are always getting a perfect fit.

Flat top, 6ft high gate made out of tanalised shiplap. We had to dig through concrete for our supporting post. The catch side was constructed with a wall plate and a full in piece due to the uneven type of wall. We also had a few pipe to contend with.

Here is another gate we did from the back side. This is the typical view you’d see from the other side. We also had this gate sprayed in brown with black accessories. We think they look fantastic in these colours. Bow top, 6ft, tongue and groove custom made gate.
This gate was a little more unique in the fact that we were asked to make the gate with a traditional handle and mortice lock. This gate I would class more as a door in the way it was constructed.
It’s very unusual to have a mortice lock and handle on a gate but we’re always please when people required different!
We think this is a very attractive gate as I’m sure you’ll agree!

If you are in need of a custom made gate to fit any gap or space, get in touch today! We cover all areas in and around Chesterfield and Bolsover.

Request a quote or contact us today!

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