Smooth Sawn Raj Green Sandstone

With the lack of updating recently, we have come back with a bang. This gorgeous, smooth sawn raj green patio is just perfect!

The slabs are made from Indian sandstone but are of the premium variety. Traditionally indian sandstone has been riven, but this smooth sawn raj green just adds a very sleek, smooth look and feel! You can really tell the difference! They feel so much denser too.


As you can see the patio is just the start of this project. The rest of the garden needs to be raised and features added to be complete. I’m sure you’ll agree how well it is starting to look already though!

Linear drains and new gulleys  installed for perfect drainage! Along with a new inset man hole for the perfect finish! 


Finished off with a nexus resin joint.

Smooth sawn raj green



Smooth sawn raj green man hole

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