Autumn brown indian sandstone path

First job of the year has seen us replacing an old and tired path and patio. The patio area had sunk badly, and it was evident why once it was up. Underneath, as we suspected, the slabs had been laid simply on sand and spots.

Spotting is an old hat method of laying slabs and is not adequate for a long term solution. It consists of laying a bed of grit sand, following by 4 spots of mortor. Whilst this is ok for a while, and in certain circumstances, for the long term it is not. The sand will eventually wash away, leaving voids and effectively leaving the slabs sat on 4 legs.

The voids were bad enough to find old abandoned nests. This is also a problem with this method if there is a route under such as broken jointing or sides.

Old and tired patio and path. In need of a revamp.

The new Indian sandstone path and patio.

Once the old stuff is out, the new stuff can go down! Along with the old slabs coming up, the sub base of what’s left of the sand also has to go. Along with some soil too and whilst we was there the path was widened to make it more functional.

50mm-75mm of mot type 1 hard-core later, along with compacting and we’re ready for mixing.

We always lay natural Indian sandstone on a good strong 4 and 1 wet mix. If you have a quote from any company, always make sure this is how they are laid, as this does make a difference to price but it’s the only way it should be done.

Please see the below pictures. Taken after a wet period so the end of the slabs are still wet as sandstone is porous.

Also please visit the post on Facebook to see how happy Mr Biggins at Bolsover is with his new paving, he wants us to now come back and do the rest of the garden!

Autumn brown Indian sandstone with sandstone facing
Long path in autumn brown Indian sandstone. Leading to the patio area.

rebuild it of autumn brown Indian sandstone.

Close up shot of the brilliant colours in the autumn brown Indian sandstone. A truly beautiful stone.

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