Black sandstone patio

A real transformation in this black sandstone patio project! The most popular colour for sandstone are autumn brown, raj green and grey. However every once in a while, someone does stray from the norm and choose a colour that isn’t as regularly used. The colour in question this time is black sandstone. What a brilliant […]

Retained, raised composite decking

This was an enjoyable project to get our teeth sunk into. A woodgrain composite decking area, with a handcrafted pergola and ballustrade. All retained with 3 foot reinforced concrete sections and backfilled, along with a concealed concrete base, ready for the Hot tub. We offer both composite and timber decking choices. For prices to sort […]

Autumn brown indian sandstone path

First job of the year has seen us replacing an old and tired path and patio. The patio area had sunk badly, and it was evident why once it was up. Underneath, as we suspected, the slabs had been laid simply on sand and spots. Spotting is an old hat method of laying slabs and […]

24 x 14 Man Cave Base

We recently were called out for advice and a quote on a huge man cave base. The original plan was to take up the width of the garden and 12 ft from front to back. After measuring up the width allowed was well over 25ft. It was decided we would put down concrete 50mm council […]