Black sandstone patio

A real transformation in this black sandstone patio project!

The most popular colour for sandstone are autumn brown, raj green and grey. However every once in a while, someone does stray from the norm and choose a colour that isn’t as regularly used. The colour in question this time is black sandstone. What a brilliant decision it was too as I’m sure you will all agree.

How the site was when we arrived. Fro. The bottom of the garden.

View from the gate before the make over.

Top view. Before picture.

A lovely new Black sandstone patio. Absolutely love this colour and it ties in with the character of the house fantastic.

These slabs were made for this house! Other colours just wouldn’t have worked anywhere near as well.

Our customer did a great job of picking the perfect colour for his new patio. The perfect view as you enter the garden.

These black sandstone slabs are the perfect rustic slab for older houses with character.

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